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Arden Hills Head Personal Trainer Authors Book Debunking Fitness Myths | Arts & Culture

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Arden Hills Head Personal Trainer Authors Book Debunking Fitness Myths
Arden Hills Head Personal Trainer Authors Book Debunking Fitness Myths

With education, research and his longtime personal training experience as a guide, Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa Head Personal Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Robert Linkul has authored his first fitness book titled “Confessions of a Certified Personal Trainer: (Volume I) The Fitness Revolution Educating You On The Right Way to Exercise.”  Published by Trafford Publishing and released June 22, the 140-page book costs $12.99 and is available on Amazon.com and by pre-order at Barnes & Noble book stores.

Seven months in development, the “Confessions of a Certified Personal Trainer” fitness book is focused on debunking myths about fitness fads and ineffective exercise regimens, many of which will be eye-opening to readers.  For instance, Linkul steps away from the norm when he encourages readers to “ditch the cardio” for those interested in burning fat.   He also outlines why site-specific weight loss is a myth and turns to science to support his full body fitness approach.  Linkul goes on to explain why fitness drinks and juices are, at the end of the day, simply empty calories that do not assist in achieving fitness goals.   Instead, Linkul’s fitness philosophy is focused around the importance of high intensity training which develops muscular endurance, builds muscle and burns fat most efficiently.  Additionally, Linkul touches on the importance of a proper diet and eating healthy “9 out of every 10 meals” when focused on achieving fitness goals.

After earning a master’s degree in Sports Science/Personal Training, longtime personal trainer Linkul joined Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa in 2004 where he has trained hundreds of individuals and helped them to achieve their fitness goals.  In 2009, Linkul designed and opened a private, state-of-the-art Strength & Conditioning facility at Arden Hills that is for use by highly motivated athletes wanting sport-specific training, high intensity training (HIT) or personalized workout programs developed and implemented by on-site certified personal trainers or strength coaches. After releasing his first fitness book this summer, Linkul is already working on “Confessions of a Certified Personal Trainer: (Volume II)” that will be focused on step-by-step ways to achieve personal fitness goals and how to put his philosophy into practice.

By August 1, copies of the “Confessions of a Certified Personal Trainer: (Volume I) The Fitness Revolution Educating You On The Right Way to Exercise” will be available for purchase at the Spa Boutique at  Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa.  For general resort information or details about Strength & Conditioning training options available at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa, please call 916-482-6111 or visit www.ardenhills.net.

About Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa
For more than a half century, Arden Hills has been at the forefront of inspiring young and old to experience a more abundant life.  Whether it is world-class athletes needing that extra edge, business professionals looking to improve their productivity, or individuals seeking to improve their self image through health and beauty enhancement, they all look to Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa, a state-of-the-art wellness resort offering cutting edge technology and education combined with first-class service.  Sound nutrition is the foundation of our wellness philosophy.  Our award winning chefs specialize in natural, organic whole foods and are supported by a highly trained nutritional staff.  Situated in the heart of California’s capital, Arden Hills has been both world-renowned and treasured by locals throughout its colorful history.  The wealth of services offered at Arden Hills are available to both members and to daily and overnight guests.  Enter the resort and be prepared to be transformed on your way to a more fulfilling life of health and happiness. To explore and experience the wide range of wellness offerings available to everyone, visit www.ardenhills.net or call 916-482-6111.