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Miley Cyrus' VMA Acceptance Speech

Momservation: The harder someone tries to prove they’re grown up, the more infantile they look.

☺ ☺ ☺

It is the performance heard around the social media world. It lit up Twitter, setting a new record for tweets per minute. It has caused a social media storm that has the Parents Television Council urging us to grab our children and run for cover from the filth and debauchery the MTV Video Music Awards continues to rain upon us. And the Urban Dictionary is likely to crash due to adults over 30 rushing to look up “twerking.”

Miley Cyrus you have arrived.

Your parents must be so proud.

Your fiancé has to be thrilled that he scooped you up when he did.

Your friends must be giddy by association.

Your publicist so grateful for all that you’ve done…

…to ruin everything you’ve done to be taken seriously as an artist and be accepted as a quality human being...

Sacramento Man Creates Unique Business of Saving Memories

Sacramento Man Creates Unique Business of Saving Memories

After a varied and colorful career spanning everything from environmental activism to running a passport photo business, Marty Nelson opened Video Lab Multimedia, now located at 2630 Arden Way. Since 1985, as he tells it, he’s been in the business of saving memories.

In fact, Nelson is confident that Video Lab provides the most comprehensive source for saving memories in Sacramento and possibly Northern California.

In short, customers bring in everything from VHS tapes, audiotapes, vinyl records, old photos and negatives, professional format video, 8 and 16mm film and just about everything else out there and Nelson transfers, duplicates or even edits them into a more contemporary, durable, longer lasting digital format, including DVDs and hard drives. Memories saved!

And what sorts of memories is Nelson saving? Everything from irreplaceable home movies to slides of precious family vacations to old ¼ inch audiotape reels.

Top Sacramento Beginner Rock Bands Recorded for TV Special

Top Sacramento Beginner Rock Bands Recorded for TV Special

The Access Sacramento Hometown TV crew documented top beginner rock bands Sunday at the 33rd annual Skip's Music "Stairway to Stardom" competition at the downtown Crest Theater.

Of 11 competing band, judges sele

JMG Tennis Player from Arden Hills Wins Wildcard to Men’s US Open

JMG Tennis Player from Arden Hills Wins Wildcard to Men’s US Open

Never accomplished before by an unseeded player until now, Collin Altamirano, a tennis player at JMG Tennis Academy at Arden Hills, has earned a Wildcard to the Men’s US Open with a win at the USTA National Championship. Led by Academy Director Joseph Morris Gilbert, two top JMG Academy players from Arden Hills, Collin Altamirano and Jenson Brooksby, competed in national tournaments both taking home first place victories this weekend.

In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Collin Altamirano was the one to watch in the Boys 18s Division at the 71st USTA National Championships.

Kory Gibbs aka "Lightning Boy"

Sacramento -- Kory Gibbs, who recently became a teenager, lives in the mountains and jams Classic Rock and the Blues so well his moniker is "Lightning Boy."   And he plays in a band.

Mike Gibbs, Kory's dad, says watching YouTube videos is how his son learned to play the guitar because he loves blues and rock music.

"Lightening Boy" and his band have a gig later this month at the Drytown Club, Mike comments.

How great is this 13-year-old guitar player?  Listen to him play classic ZZ Topp and enjoy!


Knit One... Purl Two

Knit One... Purl Two

Sacramento -- During the last six years, these cozy crocheters -- Jean Nakano, Karolyn Simon and Cheryl Allen -- volunteer at St. John's Shelter for Women and Children teaching residents the art of knitting and crocheting. Today, the project has 12 volunteers who share their love of creating handmade delights with many women and children who find safety at the shelter.

Sutter Dietitian Tasks Patients to Take Action in National Nutrition Month

Sutter Dietitian Tasks Patients to Take Action in National Nutrition Month

One in three adults is obese in America and Sutter Health registered dietitians are taking advantage of national nutrition month to raise awareness of the many strategies to combat the obesity epidemic.

“You can reach healthy weight goals by making gradual, healthy and reasonable changes in your eating and activity,” said Debbie Lucas, Registered Dietitian with Sutter Options for Success, one of the medical weight loss programs in the new Sutter Weight Management Institute.

In order to lose weight it is important to eat a healthy diet. What does that mean? “Eating less fat and fewer calories than what you are currently taking in.” says Lucas. “There are three ways to do it: eat high-fat, high-calorie foods less often, or in smaller amounts, or eat  lower-fat, lower-calorie foods instead.”

She says being physically active must be a priority.