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Local retailers prepare for 'super' spike in TV sales | News

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Local retailers prepare for 'super' spike in TV sales

SACRAMENTO - If you're thinking about upgrading to a big screen just in time for the Super Bowl, you're not alone.

With the 49ers in the big game this year, employees at local electronics stores expect to see more television sets pass through their doors.

"It's the perfect time to buy a TV," says Steve Wittig, Filco Superstore salesman. "You can always look back if you're wondering how old your TV is, and say we bought that when the Niners were in the Super Bowl in 2013."

According to the NPD Group, the week leading up to the Super Bowl is the third most popular for TV buying, just behind Black Friday week and the week following Black Friday.

Sales this week are focused mainly on larger size sets. When it comes to purchasing those models, customers like the fact they can get a home-theater experience without sacrificing quality. Research analysts report that in past years during the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, nearly 60 percent of TV spending was on big screens that are 46" or larger.

"I bought an 80" LCD for the Super Bowl," says Daryl Garmon of Sacramento. "I was building a media room, and it all worked out at the same time, and I can't wait for the game."

Filco Superstore has seen its TV sales double this past week in comparison to what the team normally sells. Employees expect Friday and Saturday to be very busy in terms of sales volume.

"There are so many fans, and people that are on the verge of thinking about getting a new TV, this is going to be the time because it's the big game," Wittig said.

The National Retail Federation says nationally, of those planning to watch the Super Bowl, more than 7.5-million households will buy a television set this year. That's up from 5.1 million last year.