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Old oak tree near Sacramento apt. finally coming down | News

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Old oak tree near Sacramento apt. finally coming down

SACRAMENTO, CA - An ancient California oak tree is finally at the end of it's life, taken down for the safety of apartment dwellers below.

The old tree, growing near the center of the Selby Ranch Apartments, is estimated at between 350 and 450 years old.

The tree is being slowly killed by a fungus that's proven to be unstoppable.

One giant limb already came down, crashing into a small park area and managing to miss several nearby apartments.

"And we all come running out and this huge branch, it must have been three feet around, fell, and there was a hole about two feet deep and it fell across the whole yard and it was just a miracle that it didn't hurt anybody," Selby Ranch resident Terie Shofner said.

The tree was already being held together by several long steel cables, but concern was building that another limb could still some down.

In recent weeks, residents have had to avoid the area that's now blocked off by tape and road cones.

"It does have an infection, so it will end up eating the tree and killing the tree, which is unfortunate, but it's still sad to see a beautiful tree which is as big as that, go," said CSUS graduate student Aryana Moudi, who lives near the tree.

The old oak was already at least 200 years old when California's Gold Rush began.

As one resident mused; "It's too bad the old tree can't talk."