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I'm Kinda a Big Deal | Family

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I'm Kinda a Big Deal
Family, Moms
I'm Kinda a Big Deal

Momservation: Sometimes you have to toot your own horn to strike up the band.

☺        ☺        ☺

Did you hear I won?! Did ya? Did ya?

If you missed it, I put a big, giant banner across my Momservations® home page:

2014 Runner-up for Best Online, Blog, and Multimedia Columns

from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

I’ve been trying to tell you guys: I’m kinda a big deal!...I realize your summers are busy and so is mine. That’s why I’m going to make it easy for all of us this week to keep reading Momservations®. Below you will find a selection of my most popular blogs* including the two referred to above: “From the Ashes of Tragedy: Perspective” and “If I Find Out You Did It You Quit It”....

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Family, Moms