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Combatting an Epidemic of Artificial Validation | Family

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Combatting an Epidemic of Artificial Validation
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Combatting an Epidemic of Artificial Validation

Momservation: The best way to teach a daughter how to love herself is to be a mirror of loving yourself.

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My most popular topic when speaking to groups is “Parenting in the Digital Age” (which I’ll be doing this week for the Roseville Kiwanis).

That’s because parenting has never been harder in this era of always being “plugged in.” Though the basic rules of parenting still apply—you’re trying to love, protect, and nurture your kids into likable, functioning, responsible, happy adults—it’s the playing field that’s changed.

I’ve talked a lot about how to set parameters in this new age of social media with its unlimited, easy access to information and constant barrage of updates and messages.

But something I haven’t addressed is how constant access to the internet and bombardment from so many forms of information technology is really wreaking havoc on our children’s self-esteem.

Never has there been a quicker and easier way to feel left out, isolated, unpopular, insecure, unable to measure up, and be constantly comparing yourself to those you know and don’t know...

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Family, Moms