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Summer of Independence Check List | Family

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Summer of Independence Check List
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Summer of Independence Check List

Momservation: Promise me you will not let the teenage years be the marker for how well you’ve raised your kids.

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I’ve decided this summer will be the Summer of Independence. I’m going to resist the temptation to make lunches that hit every major food group, pick up wet towels off the floor, and remind people to brush their teeth.

And in “people” I mean my teenage children who should really be further along on this independence thing.

I blame myself though. I’m a helicopter mom who worries that if I don’t feed my children they will starve or if I don’t hover over them with sunscreen they will sustain third degree burns.

This summer I’ve decided to save them from me and a life of never knowing that clean clothes don’t just magically appear on your bed folded and ready to put away.

Just to let you know—it’s not going well...Let’s look at the checklist of things that would define a successful Summer of Independence:...

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Family, Moms