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An Invite to a Crutches Burning Bonfire | Family

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An Invite to a Crutches Burning Bonfire
Family, Moms
An Invite to a Crutches Burning Bonfire

Momservation: Parents are the eyes that see the future until their children’s eyes come into focus.

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Tomorrow is a big day in the Wheeler house!

After 90 days of having a highly active 14 year-old boy (I swear the kid is part Labrador) using crutches to keep one of his legs non-weight bearing—July 2 he will walk again!!

I don’t know who is more ready to be freed from this torture: my son, Logan, or me and his father.

This has been a challenging three months to say the least.

We have all done our best to keep a positive attitude and perspective in the face of Logan’s fluke injury—after all, this was a temporary disability, something that could be fixed, something not terminal. It would be a slap in the face to compare this hardship to those who truly suffer without end in sight or who triumph over life-changing hardship. I know plenty of those people and their strength, courage, and resiliency for much bigger life challenges helped me reframe this as a blessing that my son would recover...

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Family, Moms