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The Pain of Accomplishment | Family

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The Pain of Accomplishment
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The Pain of Accomplishment


Momservation: Anything worth doing comes with a price. This is an area where it’s okay to have expensive taste.

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It hurts to win.

And it should. It means you’ve left it all on the table to succeed.

But the pain is short-lived in the afterglow of accomplishment.

Even if that accomplishment is making and eating a batch of raw brownie mix without the kids finding out. The guilt fades—the glow of unshared chocolate stays.

I’ve always told my own kids that anything worth doing is rarely easy. It is the message I plan on sharing again this year with 100 other children.

That would be the middle school track and field athletes I will be coaching starting next week. A bunch of kids who all think they are the next Usain Bolt because no one can catch them playing tag and who think they get a trophy for just showing up...

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Family, Moms