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Voting for the Right to Complain | Family

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Voting for the Right to Complain
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Voting for the Right to Complain


Momservation: It may look like it’s a democracy in our family, but we all know it’s a dictatorship – with Mom doing the dictating.

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Today is a day of great celebration –

finally arrived is our general election!

No more annoying violations to my TV

from moon promising candidates saying, “Vote for me!”

No more fear mongering persuasions in between songs

assuming I’m ignorant or a total moron.

No more mud-slinging mailers claiming fraud to detox

poor trees dying an unnoble death to fill my mailbox.

No more “Anonymous” and “Unavailable” incessant phone ringing

making me jump out of the shower interrupting my singing.

(But it is fun just to mess

and answer, “No hablo Inglés.”)...

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Family, Moms