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Sacramento police release pictures of suspected bank robber

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Sacramento Police Department is asking for the public's help identifying a suspected bank robber who pedaled away from the crime.

The man shown in the accompanying bank security camera photos went up to a teller at Bank of the West on the 1600 block of Response Road on March 1 (a Friday), indicated he had a gun and demanded money, the police department report said. The time was 3:56 p.m.

No weapon was seen. The man left on a bicycle.

No one was hurt.

The man was described as white, in his 30s, about 5 feet 5 to 8 inches tall and weighing around 170 pounds. He had blond hair, blue eyes and a red goatee. There were tattoes on his arms and a tattoo in black ink on the back of his neck.

During the robbery, the man had on a black jacket; black, baggy pants; and a gray beanie with the letters "LB" on the front.

Witnesses also noted the man had a black backpack with him with a "web" design on it.

Puppy stolen from Sacramento County home

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - A family continues to search for its puppy that was stolen from the front yard three weeks ago.

Freddy, a 7-month-old dachshund/ terrier mix, was in the front yard of a home near La Riviera Drive and Woodman Way on Feb. 22 when a woman got out of a car and stole, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

The woman was a passenger in a dirty royal blue 4-door car with dark tinted windows. The car was being driven by another woman, the sheriff's department said.

Freddy has red/brown fur with a white stripe on his neck; his left ear droops lower than his right ear.

Anyone with information is urged to send a tip to the sheriff's department at http://www.sacsheriff.com/tips/ 

Deputies: High school student arrested for Facebook threat

SACRAMENTO - A local high school student was arrested Sunday after making a post on Facebook that included threats against El Camino High School, said Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested after a concerned parent of another student reported the Facebook post to the Sheriff's Department.

An investigation revealed the post was made by an El Camino High School student who said he would commit a shooting on campus the following morning, said Sergeant Jason Ramos.

According to Ramos, authorities took quick action, and with help from the San Juan Unified School District, located the student at his home.

No specific people were mentioned in the post and deputies found no items that would have allowed the student to carry out the threat, Ramos said.

Safety advice for when a stranger knocks at your door

There's an unexpected knock from a stranger at the front door. What to do?

1. Be cautious when opening the door. Do not blindly open the door to see who it is or what it is that they want.

2. Ignore the knock on the door . You may want to go about your normal business and NOT pretend that you are not home, but instead continue to do what you were doing, or even make some noise or turn on a light so that the person knows that someone IS home (possibly avoiding a burglary).

3. Look out a window first to see who it is - Avoid looking out a door window, but instead go and look through another window away from the door if possible. If you don't recognize them, you could shout through the door and ask what they want, or you could choose to ignore them.

4. Set the door chain. Be sure that your door chain is set well with LONG screws into the door frame to help resist a "push in." Crack open the door to speak to the person through the gap.

SAKrescue Stolen Donations

SAKrescue Stolen Donations


To whoever found it amusing to rob from

Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee

Armed robber shot, killed by Sacramento store employee

SACRAMENTO - An employee of a cell phone store shot and killed a suspected armed robber Sunday afternoon and officials say the shooting appears to be justified.

Sgt. Jason Ramos of Sacramento Sheriff's Department said an armed man walked into a Rosemont area Metro PCS business in the 8900 block of Folsom Blvd. around 3 p.m.

The man encountered a store employee and then approached an office in the back of the store. A second employee armed with a gun came from the office and fired one shot at the suspect, killing him, said Ramos.

Ramos said deputies believe the man was looking for cash, phones, or other electronic items.

According to Ramos, the shooting appeared to be justified, but the investigation was still in its early stages.

Arden Fair Mall car burglary suspects arrested

Arden Fair Mall car burglary suspects arrested

SACRAMENTO, CA - Two men police investigators suspect of committing hundreds of car burglaries in the Sacramento area over the last year have been arrested, says a police spokeswoman.

The pair, identified as Javier Garcia, 25, and Dominic Eales, 19, were found when Arden Fair Mall security officers scanned surveillance camera tapes following reports of multiple car break-ins in their lots on Jan. 30. Mall security saw two men and a suspect vehicle in the camera images and informed Sacramento police.

Police were able to find the vehicle in question as well as locate property reported stolen in burglaries, Gigante said.

Garcia and Eales are accused of burglary and conspiracy, Gigante said. They are being investigated in connection with other similar crimes.