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Manager held hostage: I thought I was going to die | Crime

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Manager held hostage: I thought I was going to die

SACRAMENTO, CA - Jack in the Box Manager Edna Davis said the moment gunman Xang Khang held a gun to her head replays in her mind constantly. She said she could only think of her family.

"My kids growing up without their mother; I have three boys. Heck of scared," Davis said. "I was thinking about I am going to die."

Davis said Khang entered the fast food restaurant and immediately began acting strange. Minutes later she said he pulled a gun.

"When he clicked the gun, when I see the gun, I was just not thinking at all," Davis said.

Davis said she dialed call 911, but then Khang spotted her on the phone.

"When the guy walked in he followed me, and said 'why are you calling police?' When he turned around then I run," Davis said. "I just ducked and run through the back door."

Davis and another employee ran to a neighboring business. Minutes later SWAT teams surrounded the restaurant and for more than two hours, two of her employees remained hostage.

Sacramento police shot and killed the Khang. The remaining hostages escaped unharmed.

Davis said every one of her employees involved in that terrifying incident is back at work.

"I love my boss, I love my job, I love my people," Davis said. "I need to be strong of course, but I am still terrified. I still need to be strong that's why I am here every day seven days to make sure my peoples are ok."

Davis said members of the community have also stepped up, delivering flowers and cards wishing everyone well.

She said she and her co-works have gone through counseling and have grown from an experience they never want to happen again.

"I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who cared about us, the people who helped us thank you," Davis said.