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Backyard beekeeping keeps neighborhood blooming | Animal Lovers

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Backyard beekeeping keeps neighborhood blooming
Backyard beekeeping keeps neighborhood blooming

SACRAMENTO, CA. - To bee or not to bee.  That's the quesiton that's been buzzing around in my brain for years.  

Should I put a hive of honeybees in my tiny Arden park backyard?  What about my kids, will they get stung? What if a giant swarm decides to call me, "Honey," and chases me into my bed.

What about my neighbor's son, Tommy Phillips, who's terribly allergic to bees? God forbid!  How could I ever forgive myself if one of my bees zapped him into anaphylactic shock! 

Somehow, I just decided to to bite the bullet, put on my bee-bravado and head over to Sacramento's beekeeping supply shop on W street.

I mustered up all kinds of courage.  "I'd like to order a swarm of bees."

"O.K." said Mr. B, the bee man.

O.M.G.  Was that all there was to beekeeping? Just order a swarm and BAM, you've a beekeeper?

The answer is quite simply, "Yes."

Three weeks later, I got a call from Mr. B.  "Your bees are here. Come on down and pick them up. There are about nine thousand bees in your new hive." YIKES!

You haven't lived until you get this kind of a phone call.  It's a lot like getting a call that your adopted baby has just been born.  (Only, I wouldn't really know about that, but I can only imagine.) It feels like something in bee-tween hysteria, excitement and pulsing fear.  I can only think one thing at a time like this: I am crazy.

"Holy cow, are you kidding?  Do you really think I should come and get a swarm of bees?  What kind of truck should I bring to pick them up?"  I asked, innocently enough.

"Don't worry," he said. "You just carry them on your lap in a regular  car." 

"I'll be right there."

((Stay tuned for the next installment of this true life Arden Park adventure.))